Blaze King Review

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Founded in 1977, Blaze King is one of the leading wood and gas stove companies in the US. Offering a number of gas and wood freestanding stoves along with fireplace inserts, Blaze King features a unique design in their products that heat up rooms longer, more efficiently and using less wood and energy than many of the competitors.

How Blaze King Wood Stoves are Different from the Competition?

Blaze King uses the famed “catalytic” process that allows their wood stoves to last longer blaze kingwhile burning less wood. The secret is found in the use of the material cordierite, which is placed between two or more precious metals that creates higher temperatures that what would normally be found in a traditional wood stove.

All catalysts installed in Blaze King stoves are covered by a six year warranty and generally need to be replaced once per decade, but the process of replacing the catalyst is fairly easy and not that expensive. The savings you receive from burning less wood longer more than makes up any difference in price.

Furthermore, with many normal wood stoves for sale, a great deal of the heat is lost up the chimney. But with Blaze King Stoves, over 80% of the heat output is directed at the walls of the stove which radiate out into the room. This means that you get more heat by burning less wood, saving you money thanks to the remarkable efficiency of these stoves. Furthermore, the gas stoves use the same technology as well to transfer heat efficiently.

The Blaze King Wood and Gas Line of Stoves

There are a number of Blaze King Stoves on the market that all offer excellent warmth during the cold, winter months. You can choose from wood or gas models that come in numerous sizes and have a wide variety of features that are suitable to your home.

Blaze King products are suitable for mobile homes as well, as long as they come with the recommended shielding. Plus, there are stoves with remote control units so you can operate your stove from a distance as well.

What is Blaze King?

The focus of Blaze King is to develop efficient, environmentally friendly hearth products that burn either wood or gas and build them to last. Offering a selection of free standing stoves and inserts, Blaze King brings old-fashioned heat to the home through their high quality products.

All wood and gas stoves meet and exceed EPA standards, plus they are designed to burn less wood for a longer period of time compared to many companies who offer competing products. Basically, for the same size stove the Blaze King burn less wood for a longer period of time and produce less ash. This saves you money and time in cleaning up as well.

Winning the Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality Award in 1984, the first for Wood Stove Certification, Blaze King has expanded their services to offer gas stoves and fireplace inserts as well. Combining expert service with high quality products, Blaze King continues to lead the industry in gas and wood stoves.

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