Stove Top Grill Reviews

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The stove top grill is a special attachment for your burner that allows you to cook a wider variety of meals. People use stove top grill units for barbecue, grilling and other types of cooking that gets the right coverage for the meals they want cooked.

Chefmaster KTGR5 13” Smokeless Stove Top BBQ Grill

Featuring a classic stove top grill design, this particular unit from Chefmaster features a stove top grillbroad top for ample coverage. Made for barbecues, this particular stove top grill can be used for a wide variety of other types of cooking as well.

Advantages: Perhaps the versatility is the best aspect of this particular unit, being able to work on your electric stove, gas range and propane unit. The iron grate is removable so you can sear vegetables and meats to your tastes. The outer ring can also be filled with water which will trap the drippings and prevent splatters and smoke from filling the room. Finally, this particular grill is crafted from high quality materials and coated with a non-stick substance that makes cleaning a snap.

Impression: For those who want to bring the barbecue indoors, this is certainly the grill to do the job. Plus, it is very inexpensive as well, making it the perfect budget item for those who want authentic barbecue taste as a fraction of the cost.

You can find this grill here.

Lodge Logic LPGI3 Pro Grid Cast Iron Grill

This stove top grill pan is of classic design and crafted from high quality materials. For those who need to cook a wide variety of food atop their stove, this is certainly one of the better choices.stove top grill pan

Advantages: Crafted from cast iron, this stove top grill will heat up quickly and evenly for precise cooking. This grill is also easy to clean and the slight slope allows for the grease to drain along the gutter. The easy grip side handles allow you to transport this unit easily and safely. Plus, this particular grill is easy to clean with only hot water, making it the perfect choice for those who don’t wan to use soap or other detergents on their grills.

Impression: This classic design is certainly augmented by the cast iron properties and gutters which allow for easy cleaning and great cooking. This is one of the top cast iron stop top grill units we have seen.

You can find this cast iron grill here.

Smokeless Indoor Stove Top Grill

This rather unique looking grill has been featured on TV and offers great versatility for those who love to cook.

Advantages: The purpose of this stainless steel grill is to offer an alternative to traditional cooking by providing a means of draining away the fats. The drain system of this grill is augmented by the unique, round shape which allows for an even distribution of the heat. Because much of the fats and grease are drained away, the food is healthier to eat and enjoy. It goes without saying that the unique design is also smokeless as well, making for a more pleasurable cooking experience. Plus, this grill cleans up quickly and easily.

Impression: Certainly a “must-have” for any kitchen, the Smokeless Indoor Stove Top Grill is simply one of the best grills that we’ve seen and the price is just right as well.

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